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Technology and fashions are continuously evolving and EBAS are specialists in ensuring your aircraft is not only fully compliant with all mandatory modifications and upgrades, but is also maintained to the highest cosmetic and functional standards both inside and out.

Our experts in avionics technology, aesthetic design and component integration can advise on the best ways to incorporate changes or on how to modernise the existing architecture.

All our work is supported by trusted Part-21 approved design organisations with whom we work closely to ensure that all system changes and variations are both robust, fully tested and certified in accordance with EASA and FAA standards.

i. Avionics

Communication & Navigational Upgrades

With the current and future programs in place to modernise and improve aircraft operation and the accompanying mandatory legislative changes, ensuring your aircraft is fully compliant with upgraded and improved systems can be a complex operation. EBAS are experienced in all aspects of communications and navigational avionic modifications and upgrades on Bombardier aircraft, having recently completed both Link 2000+ and Batch 3 installations on Challenger and Global aircraft, and we can provide package solutions to satisfy all requirements. Our experts will survey and assess your aircraft and provide detailed guidance on the best program of action for compliance with FANS/CPDLC, ADS-B Out, RNP, SBAS and WEG.

Cabin Management Systems (CMS) and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)

For the modern corporate traveller, the Cabin Management System (CMS) and In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) are perhaps one of the most important features of a business jet and maintaining a technologically advanced and functional integrated system is crucial to ensuring the best flight experience available. EBAS can offer expert guidance and installation of complete and partial systems including full CMS/IFE upgrade, SwiftBroadband (SBB), digital media interfaces including iPhone and iPad, moving map displays, electronic flight bag (EFB) and high definition (HD) display systems.

ii. Interior Refurbishment

EBAS believe in providing and catering for the full spectrum of services required to support modern executive jet operation and the cabin environment is often the most important area for both owners and passengers. Ensuring that the interior is both comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional is where our attention to detail really becomes apparent.

Whether you require a straight forward refresh and repair of the existing upholstery and fixtures or even if you wish to refurbish the entire interior and add your own personal style and taste, EBAS can tailor a solution to meet all of your requirements.

We work with a team of interior designers, craftsmen and Part-21 approved organisations to create designs that not only inspire but meet your functional specification. Turning your vision into reality is what drives us to excel and not only meet you expectations, but to exceed them.

We will work closely with you at every stage of the process beginning with initial conceptual planning to manufacturing and final installation. From woodwork to fixtures and fittings, from upholstery to custom designed carpets, our trademark customer focus and care will ensure your aircraft looks, not only beautiful, but how you want it to.